Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Phone Call

Yesterday I received one of the nicest phone calls :) It was from a customer who ordered a Custom Name Album at a craft show last year. She happened to be in town and stopped by to check out the items. She lived in Illinois (I'm in Iowa) and just loved my albums! It was fun to sell to someone out of state at a local event :) Well...yesterday she called to order another album. I've had repeat buyers before (and love every one of them!) but this one was different. She was so sweet and just went on and on about my albums :) She told me she had been giving my name and web address to people all year! How many times to do you buy an item and not think twice about it. I love the fact that my albums had such an impression on her that she saved my card and info all year to order more albums as Christmas gifts. And not only that...she was spreading the word about my shop :) It was such a nice surprise :) Now...I better get to work...I already have 19 Custom Albums to get ready before Christmas!!! So get your orders in early if you are wanting albums shipped by Christmas!


  1. Those are the best buyers ever!! So happy for you that she came back to express her enthusiasm about your albums. Kudos on all those orders - you go girl! I recently received a Christmas gift from a buyer from Australia. Way cool
    Anne ^i^

  2. That's wonderful Edi but frankly, I'm not surprised! Your albums are wonderful and such a great way to display memories that those of us who have them LOVE them! I certainly love mine! Congrats on all your orders for Christmas so far!

  3. I'm not suprised either Edi, you know I too love your work ... and think you have great pricing too!

    Congrats, you certainly are deserving x0

  4. It's GREAT when customers rave about you!

  5. What a sweet customer! You sure are busy!


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