Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

Yesterday was a special day...I got my Christmas tree put up :) I haven't put one up in two years! So I knew it was extra important to get it up this year!
I decided to only put on the special decorations...the ones with a story behind them. I have about 100 ornaments, but only put up about 20. I wanted it to be simple and special :)
These three ornaments are from my childhood. I need to put a note with each one when I put them away this year to remember exactly where each one came from. (This is where Mom comes in...hint, hint!) I seem to forget each time I put them up! I believe two of them are from friends of my grandparents.
And these are some of the annual ornaments my parents have gotten us. Each year we get a new ornament relating to something that happened in our life that year.
2002-Snowman on a Snowmobile
2003-Our first Pom, Bo :)
2003-Our New Home
2004-Our New Bike
I still need to get pictures of the more recent ones!
Each year starting in 2005 we also get an annual Pomeranian ornament. We've had a Pom each year since 2005, so each one is special :) Some represent Bo and some represent Harley. Here is the one for 2009.
What special ornaments or decorations do you put out each year? I'd love to hear your stories :)


  1. Love your tree and your special ornaments! I always put up our year ornaments, and the "Baby's First Christmas" ones that I got for our daughters' first Christmas. Then there's all the ones the girls made when they were little. The tree's pretty stuffed!

  2. that's so much fun - collecting ornaments. I don't have any as a kid (didn't celebrate Christmas), but after I married, we always got one that was related to the past year. Tree Looks Great!

  3. ornaments are a big deal here too. Each year I get one from mom (and vice versa)...the boys too now...and all relating to either something we did/liked/whatever that year or something special about that person.
    It's so much fun to look back. I tend to keep the original box & sharpie on the year & who from...maybe you & mom can do that together when you put them away :) Mom's are great for that!

  4. Enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing.

    I have some ornaments from childhood, as well as from the kids as they grew up. Then after we married, we would get one new ornament per Christmas.

    Now empty nesters, they have stayed packed away, no tree, no lights, no decorations. Guess I'm taking a break from Motherhood holiday celebration/decoration since I'd done it for about 25+ years, we have no grands, and the kids have started their own traditions.

  5. Your tree is so pretty and I enjoyed seeing some of your ornaments. We have ornaments that represent our pets, childhood, and special places we've visited. I bought my 2009 Disneyland ornament today!

  6. Your tree is very pretty!
    I have many special ornaments. Some are from my childhood--given to me, or vintage ornaments of my parents'. We would give our children a special ornament every year to start their own collection. I think my favorite ornament is one my son made in preschool. It is a photo of him glued into a baby food jar top, then rickracked and glittered.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Edi!

  7. What a pretty tree and special memories of your ornaments! I have ornaments from my childhood that go on my tree each year also. Some I made with my grandmother, some at school, and some I picked out myself.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas!


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