Thursday, November 5, 2009

And The Treasures Keep Coming!

Before I took my grandma to the airport this past weekend, she called me into the house and told me she had something she wanted to give me. I'm always up for gifts :) Imagine my surprise when she came out with this beautiful necklace!!!
And what's even was my great grandmother's. My grandma had given it to her mother as a Christmas gift some years back and thought I would like to have it! Not only is it a's very stylish!
In fact, I think I'll wear it out to eat Saturday night...I like it against this black turtleneck :) I might throw on a jean jacket with it too.
I told my grandma that I would like to sit down with her when she returns home and hear the stories about all of her jewelry. That way when it comes time (hopefully many years from now!) for me to choose what heirlooms I want...I will be able to choose not just the prettiest ones, but the ones with the most meaning :) I encourage you to do the same...sit and chat with your parents or grandparents and hear the stories of their treasures :)


  1. You need to tell your grandmother that her diamonds will mean the most to you some day! :) This necklace does go well with that sweater! Mom

  2. Very pretty - so nice that it has memories attached to it, too =)

  3. Very nice. A modern look with a family sentiment. What more could you want?

  4. Beautiful necklace and such wonderful memories with it! I love pieces that you think of those who wore it before.

    You are going to look so cute in that black turtleneck with a jean jacket and that lovely necklace!

  5. beautiful necklace and very important advice.


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