Monday, November 23, 2009

New Jewels

I'm sure you know by now that I've become addicted to jewelry from Etsy! There are just so many great designs out there I can't help myself! I get to searching around and find so many wonderful items I have to give in now and then :)
These two gorgeous bracelets I was lucky enough to win from RoseWorksJewelry!!! Each month Ruthie has a top commentors contest at her blog. The top three commentors get a gift certificate to her shops and a write up on her blog! Thanks so much Ruthie for these beauties!!!
I also recently bought this gorgeous ring from MysticWynd! It's title is Love's Glow Pink Moonglow Ring in Silver...and it really does GLOW!!! I've been wanting a pink ring for quite some time and just couldn't pass this one up!
Wanna know what's on my Christmas list this year...more Etsy jewelry of course!!!


  1. Thanks for the feature Edi! :D I'm glad you like them :)

  2. Great jewelry you got there!! Waiting for you to be my customer too.. hahahah :D

  3. How pretty! You are welcome at my shop too ;)

  4. Love that ring! Thanks for the links, too - going to go "window shopping" now myself...

  5. Beautiful jewelry Edi! That ring is incredible!

  6. I really like the memory wire bracelet that I got from RoseWorks Jewelry--and that ring looks great!

  7. Have you seen the movie The Secret of Nymn? If so, you remind me of my favorite character, the crow who loved "sparklies"...

    How nice to love jewelry and get it for free!

  8. woo hoo!!! I have stuff from both of them...they rock!


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