Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Features-Honoring our Veterans

With Veteran's Day being this past Wednesday, I wanted to find some great Etsy items that represented the great day! Veteran's Day is a very special day and there are some very special items on Etsy that help to celebrate all of our soldiers...past and present :)
I hope you took/take time to thank all the vets in your life :)


  1. Nice choices. I love that bird house!

  2. love the birdhouse! nice picks! Happy Friday the 13th {:-D

  3. Love them all, but definitely the bird house is my favorite!! Too cool!

  4. I think the bird house will scare the birds... hahahha..

    Nice picks... happy friday 13th!!

  5. Nice patriotic picks! What a cool birdhouse!

  6. As the wife of a vet, and also the sister of a veteran, thank you for remembering. :)

    That tile pendant is so cute!!

  7. These are great. Especially love the bird house. We owe a lot to our veterans.


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