Saturday, November 14, 2009

BNR Treasury!!!

My friend Ruthie at Rosework's Jewelry has started a really fun BNR treasury! BNR stands for Buy-n-Replace. So if you buy something from one of the featured shops, you get your item featured in their cool is that! I was so honored that Ruthie chose to add me to her treasury :)
This is actually round two for the BNR Treasury (sorry I didn't get round one posted!) Ruthie is going to keep this treasury going until Christmas!!! That means lots of time for great exposure :) Click on the image to stop by and check it out. And remember...if you buy're in the treasury next! We had 2 sales last time...let's go for more this time :)


  1. Congrats Edi! Good luck on your show today too!

  2. So far no sales - I'm thinking we did better in the main treasury than in T-West, oh well, live and learn!


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