Monday, November 9, 2009

Treasures In Action

My great-grandma's necklace was a hit! I wore it to a birthday party Saturday night and got SO many complements :) Of course I had to tell them the story behind the necklace...which made them love it even more!
Since going back to work, my wardrobe has pretty much consisted of pony tails, work jeans and t-shirts. It was kind of nice to get a little dressed up :) I curled my hair, made myself a new flower bobby pin, and put on my fancy necklace :)
A girl's gotta sparkle once in a while :)


  1. There is nothing more romantic that a piece of antique jewelry, esp when you know it belonged to your great-grandmother, how special that you still have it in your family.
    One thing about staying home after I stopped working was never having to step out of my jeans. I gave all my work clothes to my daughter, wish I did keep a few pieces though. But it is nice to get dressed, curl our hair and be feminine once again!

  2. Your necklace was the perfect addition to your outfit! You look so cute but yet you always do!

    Since I work from home, my wardrobe is pretty much anything that's comfy so even putting on makeup makes my husband ask "where you going?"

  3. I love it! And know Grandma would love to have a copy of the pic. :)

  4. What a special necklace! Now you are sparkling inside and out!

  5. Yeah - I am jeans, sweaters and pony tail - unless it's summer... then it's jeans, t-shirt, and pony tail. When I dress up I get a LOT of comments because people are so shocked! LOL! Great picture - love the necklace =)

  6. you look great, as usual! Sounds like you had a good time - nice to go out once in a while...


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