Monday, November 16, 2009

House Update-DONE!!!

That's's finally done!!! You have no idea how great it is to say that! New roof, new windows and new siding...all done!!! And it looks SO good!
Here's the before picture:
And here's the after:
Of course with any house project, you're never really done. Once you start, you see more and more things that need done! Now that we took off the awning in the front...that door looks terrible! We will definitely be getting new front doors soon! The storm door must have been put on when the house was built and the main door is a hideous color (that the whole inside of the house used to be painted)!
And now that we've worked on the outside...I want to work on the inside! House work never ends...LOL!


  1. Oh Jesse will love to here that now you want to work on the inside.

  2. Looks great Edi! The front door might just need a pop of color like a deep red or even a blue but I think your house turned out great! Oh and no, house improvement work is never, ever done!

  3. How wonderful! I also think some eye-catching paint would make the door look nice until you replace it. I love paint! You have a nice house :)

  4. Your house is wonderful!! Just checking in to say hi! Hows the lovely red truck painting that I made for you last year?!

  5. YEAH EDI!

    And with all of the work that you have in your head for the future, you'll be receiving a lot more of those!!!

    It is never ending! Unfortunately, when we started working on the inside, we began with the front. Therefore, by the time we got to the back, which is our master bedroom we ran out of umph and we still have not put up bathroom or closet doors...LOL

    Next house = brand spanking new

  6. Woo hoo!!! Doing a happy house dance for you :)

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