Tuesday, November 3, 2009

House Update

Did you think I was ever going to get another House Update posted? I was starting to wonder myself! A lot of what still needed done Jesse and I weren't able to do ourselves. And then the weather wasn't cooperating! I think it was rainy and windy more in September and October than it was in the Spring!
But this weekend we were actually able to get some work done :) And this whole week is supposed to stay warm!!! Keep your fingers crossed that we are able to get all the siding on this week!
Here is what the house looks like as of yesterday. We got all the house wrap on (gray) and most of the fanfold insulation on (pink). We still need to get up in the peaks, but we can start on the siding in the mean time.
We even got some of the siding started yesterday!!! It was so great to see it all coming together! We've been told that once the starter strip is on and the first row if siding is started...it's all downhill from there :) Let's hope so!
Here's to hoping I have another house update for you at the end of the week or beginning of next week with a completed house...fingers crossed again!


  1. yippee!!!

    I have to say, since I first saw it, the song "Little Pink Houses" has been stuck in my head :)

  2. My fingers are crossed that it will be done soon!

  3. Hope your house will be finished soon..

    (if the body of the house is pink as the isolation paper.. it will be so cute!!)


  4. Yay for good weather and progress! I bet your house is going to be so warm and cozy this winter!

  5. Pink and Grey have always gone well together!

    Did you buy a fixer-upper, or it just finally came time to do an overhaul?

    Looks like the house is in the middle of nowhere...do you have neighbors?

    Will you please let the kitties stay in the cozy warm house through the winter... or send them here for a winter vacation? :o)

  6. So glad you are getting to the finished stage! A warm winter is coming for Jesse and you. And I'll enjoy it at Christmas. (((HUGS)))

  7. Wow! looks like your house is really coming along!

  8. Go Edi, go edi, go edi!

    How on earth are you getting any crafting done in and around all this?


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