Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Etsy Day!!!

Did you know there is a day dedicated to everything Etsy? is it! It may not be an official date on the calendar (yet) but it is something special created by the ideas of the Etsy Forums.
In honor of Etsy Day...the Storque has listed some things we can all do to promote Etsy:
  1. If you get people to sign up for Etsy on Friday make sure they mention your Etsy username in the Referrer Username box at sign up! If we see a user who really rocks this, we'll automatically include you in our Etsy Day follow up post. So if you print out flyers, get on the news, or get Ashton Kutcher to tweet about Etsy, make sure you get your username in there, too!
  2. Tweet your endeavors via Twitter and make sure to add the hash tag #EtsyDay. (And send it to @aplusk. Let's get Ashton Kutcher's attention on Etsy Day. Ha! Mr. Most Twitter Followers.)
  3. Support a new seller on Etsy Day! Buy an item from someone with no sales (you can find them on Pounce Undiscovered), and wish them a "Happy Etsy Day" in the Message to Seller field when you check out.
  4. Print out schugirl's Etsy sign to stick in your car window or download and print out the design Anda made for Etsy Day!
  5. Get an Etsy tattoo!
  6. Dress your family in all orange. When you get weird looks, whisper "Etsy".
  7. One final clarification..."Etsy" is pronounced like "Betsy" with no B.

So what am I doing to support Etsy Day? Well...for starters, I'll be talking to two of my friends who have shown interest in selling on Etsy in the past. Today is the day to get them started! The next thing I'm going to do is buy two gifts on Etsy :) I've purchased ALL of my gifts for this year on Etsy! And plan to continue!!! And one other thing I'll be doing is posting about Etsy on my Facebook page :)

Now I just have to decide where to get that tattoo!


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  2. Happy Etsy Day to you! I will hunt for at least one no-sales and buy something from them.

  3. I just read on another blog about Etsy day...had not a clue! Lets you know I spend all my time in the back row talking!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog...maybe that qualifies for doing my part? A lot less painful then a tat..LOL!

  4. Happy Etsy Day to you! Hope you get your friends to start a shop today!

  5. I wanna see your tattoo :P

    Happy Etsy Day to you!

  6. yea! Here's to more etsy sellers and buyers!


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