Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Sunday Surprise :)

As I was coming back into the house this morning...I found this little beauty sitting by the front porch :)
We don't use this door often, so I hadn't seen it really made my Sunday morning :) What are you happy for today? Do you have early Spring blooms popping up? I can't wait to get my tomatoes and peppers planted this week...I'll post pictures when I get them in :)
Have a great Sunday!!!


  1. Yay! I don't have any flowers yet... but I did squeeze in a bike ride after work so that made me happy :)

  2. We planted lots of annuals today, so we have flowers too! It definitely makes coming home so much nicer when you have some flowers to greet you.

  3. yippee!!! Mine look about ready to pop too!

  4. Spring is just so beautiful! We have lots of flowers and flowering trees and shrubs here in Cincinnati. Everything is so green and lush. Even though it rained all day today, it was a joy to see the abounding beauty.
    I had been in Arizona for a week and just got back late last night. It was wonderful to see the dessert in bloom.

  5. My tulips are just about ready to bloom...if the sun will ever shine again LOL!

  6. One of my rose bushes has finally decided to bloom! I am thinking of raiding the local nursery so I can see some color!


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