Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prom...A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Local proms are officially under way! I always like to look at all the beautiful dresses the girls choose! All the bright colors and gorgeous! This got me thinking about my own proms...and I got to looking at old photos :) One of my favorite things to do by the way!
My junior prom we went all out...dress, flowers, tux, matching car...the works! We attended the dinner, the dance, and the after-prom events. We danced and had a good time :) Here's an old layout I found to share with you:
My senior prom was a little different. I never was much into school dances...I think I only attended 2 or 3. My dress cost about $40, I did my own hair...and we rode a dirt bike!!! It really wasn't supposed to be the plan, but the other car broke down and the dirt bike was clean :) Everyone got a good laugh out of it! We stayed long enough to watch the crowning of the king and queen and left! I thought you'd enjoy these photos:
Hope you are enjoying all the local proms in your area. Maybe you have kids attending or you just like to see all the pretty dresses that the girls choose :)


  1. I love old photos, too. The dirt bike photo is just great. What a fun memory! And I see that Jesse was your sweetie then, too.

  2. What great photos of your prom! I have friends who's daughters are attending prom this year so I've been reminiscing some myself. Thanks for sharing your memories!

  3. cute shot on the dirt bike. Lucky someone was around to take the picture.

    DH and I went out to Olive Garden tonight and there were LOTS of prom dresses. Didn't even realize that was happening. Seems to me a bit early, but what do I know!

  4. lol! definitely so different in the "wayback time" time!
    We used the prom as an excuse to stay out one time and the others we just went for about an hour & then back to someone's house for fun :)
    And yes - much cheaper dresses (even using equivalent money comparisons) and we did our own hair...except for the one time when someone's big sis was in beauty school & used us as guinea pigs :P

  5. awww that is so sweet! I bet you had the most fun on the dirt bike!

  6. Thank you for sharing youngun you!

    Never into school activities, just wanted to graduate and go off to live on my own. So it was nice to enjoy DD's school activities..I got to live it through her.


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