Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Play :)

I like to scrapbook all the major events in my life...holidays, birthdays, family get-togethers. But sometimes I just want to play! It can be a learning experience to just play with your supplies and have fun with a layout.
For this layout, I took a photo that I really liked, but wasn't anything special and had fun with it. The photo is of my mom and I with our toes in the sand at Lake Michigan. Just a fun photo I wanted to take for the heck of it. I used tons of rhinestones, some puff-paint, and some paper scraps for flowers and punched circles. I also played with the photo effects to make the photo black and white, but leave our toe nails in effect :)
This is another photo I really liked...and one that was pretty special. Any photo where Jesse is smiling is special! But I took so many photos this day that I just wanted to play with this one. I used scraps of paper and a gel pen to make a sun. I also used some paint for the title area...all fun little additions :)
So I'm here to tell you not to feel guilty about just having fun with your supplies and photos! So many people focus on getting "caught-up" or getting all the milestones scrapped. But sometimes you just need to cut loose and play!!!


  1. Great pages!! You are so beautiful! I hope you will keep sharing!

  2. Fun! Great pages , what fun it is to play with paper, and stuff! :D

  3. Very clever ideas. I usually just put a few photos on a page with a bit of a description.
    Your pages really sing!

  4. your "toes" looks like multi-media artwork to me. And the second one looks kinda like a picture in a frame. It's a great photo - you two look so happy!

  5. I agree indeed and very pretty scrap booking pieces!

  6. Those are both so wonderful! I have a hard time letting loose but I'm going to try this summer and put something together since you've inspired me so much!


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