Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scrapbooking and the Economy!!!

I guess it was only a matter of time before our current economic situation hit the scrapbooking industry!
I found out last week that my main wholesaler would be going out of business! They were my first wholesaler and the best as far as I'm concerned! They had low piece minimums, low ordering total minimums, always stocked the new stuff...I could go on and on!!! I'm in the process of getting my last order together so I get stocked up!
Then, this week, I opened my latest edition of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine and found out they are going out of business as well!!! My latest edition is also my last!
This magazine holds a special place in my little scrapbooking heart because it was the first (and so far only) magazine I was published in. It has been a long-standing goal of mine to be published and Simple made it happen :)
Here is the layout I made about being published. Where the blue meets the red at the creates a pocket. I was featured in the local newspaper and on a local website after I was published, so these items will go in the pocket :)
Is the economy hitting your craft? What are you doing to cope? And if you have any great paper crafting wholesalers...I'd love to hear about them :)


  1. very sad news indeed.
    Your published layout with the pocket is great--so creative.
    The suppliers for my crafts are still OK. But getting the product sold is the difficulty now. (I do need to promote more, but there is a multitude of personal issues taking precedence.)
    wish I could help you out.....

  2. Yes it has been exceptionally difficult to sell my hand made jewelry and indeed my wholesalers are struggling as well. Your work is gorgeous!

  3. It's certainly unfortunate how many businesses aren't able to make it in this economy. The layout you made is wonderful - congrats on being published! I hope you find a new wholesaler soon!

  4. It is very sad to see how so many are still effected by the economy. I noticed that one of the fabric companies RAISED their prices which made me stop and do a double take. I certainly will not be purchasing from them!

    I will be glad when things pick up.


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