Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bring on the Graduations!!!

I am officially ready for graduation! I have all of my albums complete and delivered! Such a great feeling! Now I just have to make a couple of cards and I'll really be ready :)
I made 24 pages for this last album! A lot of time and work went into this album. But most of all...a lot of LOVE :) This album is for my boyfriend's cousin. She asked me to make her one to set out at her graduation party and she said she would pay for all of the supplies. Well, in the end, I felt it was the perfect gift for her :) I hope she loves it and appreciates it :)
I thought I'd share my two favorite pages from the album:
This one took the longest because my "lovely" sewing machine broke half way through sewing the border and I had to finish it by hand! Boy did that take forever! But I love how it turned out!!!
And I love the colors and photos on this one :) This is a design I may use over and over...I just love it :)
I hope all of you are ready for all of your graduations and have all your gifts picked out :) Congratulations to the Class of 2009!


  1. Very much an awesome gift Edi! She will be very excited when she see's it, and will have it for a lifetime.

    Just love your work!


  2. Beautiful gift! She is going to love it and cherish it always!

  3. That looks incredible! She's going to treasury that for a long time to come :)

  4. great gifts! I love your work. I'm sure word of mouth is a great way for you to get other buyers!

  5. That is fantastic! What a wonderful gift


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