Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flip Flop Frenzy!!!

I think I'm having flip flop that possible :)
I just got more flip flops in the mail yesterday :) There's nothing better than getting scrapbook supplies in the mail!
These will be used specifically for wedding guestbooks. I had another request for a custom one, so I thought I would order a couple more pair to have on hand :) Black and white seem to be very popular wedding colors this year, so I went with those. Any other colors can easily be added to the inside of the album.
I love how these say Just Married on the bottom side of the flip flop! How cute!
And here is the last Flip Flop Guestbook I created:
I think it turned out super my next one will as well :)


  1. Your wedding "albums" are just too adorable...can't think of a bride (or bridesmaid) that wouldn't love them!

  2. Those are just the cutest wedding albums! You are so creative!

  3. black and white for wedding colors!? those aren't colors, are they? lol They look like loads of fun!

  4. super duper double duper cute with whipped cream on top :)
    ...nothing like sounding 10 again :P

  5. AWESOME! Where do you find such unique flip flops?

  6. What a cute idea! Very unique and quite different from my guest books!


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