Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Weekend!!!

Wow...what a weekend! Let me fill you in on my fun!
Saturday we left for Ankeny, IA for a wedding rehearsal...Jesse was the best man. We did our thing at the church, ate dinner, and then watched the ultimate fights on TV at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was fun getting to know the rest of the wedding party and spending time with the bride and groom to be :)
Sunday was the wedding. Jesse had to be at the church at 12:30 for pictures (which he was not thrilled about)! So I went shopping!!! I only made it to Michael's because I hit the jackpot!!! Check out some of my new fun supplies! I was so excited to find so many great buys!!!
The wedding was at 5pm and went really well. I love watching two people get married who truly are meant to be together! They are so happy together and love one another with all they have :) Here they are in the very cool limo we got to ride in.
After the wedding was the reception in Ames. We all had SO much fun. Jesse has the best family ever and we partied the night away :) Jesse even danced!!! (Not often heard of!)
You would think after all that dancing and partying that we would go to our hotel room and call it a night...not this family :) The hotel was very cool and let us stay in the pool til 3:30 am!!! More fun times! I love, love, love my waterproof camera! A very good investment if you ask me :)
Then on Monday the weekend got even better. My parents had been down in Missouri checking out their property they bought last summer. When the weather was cooperating, they decided to pack up and come to Iowa. I got to spend almost all day with them yesterday!!! I wish they could have stayed for longer, but at least I got to see them. Those hugs were much needed!!! Don't ask me why I wasn't smart enough to get any pictures of us together! I'm still beating myself up for that one! I guess there's always next time...
Now today is back to reality. Jesse had to work this morning and I had to get back to my jogging! And now I have a whole day of scrapbooking in front of me :) What more could I ask for?
I hope you enjoyed your extended weekend :)


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip - and a day of scrapbooking? Sounds like your in heaven!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and it's so great you got to spend time with your parents yesterday!

  3. sounds awesome! Weddings like that can be such a blast...kinda sounds like one of my family's :)


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