Sunday, May 31, 2009

Off to Paris :)

No, not me...these scrapbooks! I only wish it were me!
I had a lot of fun making these scrapbooks for a lovely lady in Paris :) I have always said that these Custom Albums are for everyone! You can do so much with them and the custom options are endless. Sometimes my customers think of things I would have never thought of!
These Hannibal and Clarice albums are perfect examples! I never would have thought to do albums about movies. But when you love a movie so much...why not do an album about them. These albums are, of course, about the movies Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Two great movies by the way :)
These albums got me thinking about other options I could do. I know that the Twilight movies are very popular and everybody has a favorite movie :) You could even do one about a night out at the movies with the movie title for the album.
Oh the possibilities of Custom Albums :)


  1. I would never had thought of albums based on movies but they turned out really great!

  2. Wishing those very clever albums, "bon voyage"!!! Isn't it amazing what great ideas our customers have!

  3. I bet you'd sell it out really quick if you did a Twilight album! What a neat idea :)

  4. Those are fabulous...two of my all time favorite movies. And to think the lucky devils get to go all the way to Paris!!

  5. how much fun! makes one think of so many possibilities--a vacation destination, for instance.

  6. Never thought about Movies Scrapbook too.. WOW the Hannibal is stunning!!

  7. what a neat idea! perfect for movie fans! genre for you perhaps?


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