Sunday, May 10, 2009

Graduation Album...Done!'s really done! I got the graduation album done...and even with a week to spare :)
If you remember my previous post, this is what I started with:
And here it is all done!!!
It is a combination of newspaper articles and photos. She wanted the newspaper pages to remain simple so they could easily be read. I then did a section opener for each sport or activity. It is a nice mix of simple and fun :) I know she's gonna love it!!!
Now I'm off to finish yet another graduation project! One week and counting...I'm gonna be a busy girl!!!


  1. You work is fantastic. You certainly have a great sense of creativity.

  2. That turned out great! You just created memories to last a lifetime!

  3. that's great! Wow that's a lot of work!!! I still have a couple of pre-k books to do, I have bags full of stuff to go through, the prospect is daunting to stay the least!!! :D

  4. Very nice and you go girl! You do EXCELLENT work!


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