Saturday, May 2, 2009

My New Do :)

I finally did it...I finally cut my hair!!! I have had the same hair cut since I was in about 8th grade! Straight, all one length, a word: Boring! I started adding some layers in the last year or so and started parting it on the side rather than down the middle a few years back, but it's still the same cut no matter how you look at it.
For you to understand why I haven't ever cut my hair, I thought you needed to see this photo:
My 4th grade school portrait...hideous hair cut! Thanks Mom!!! This hair cut was not my choice...but Mom thought it looked so cute...GAG! So cute in fact that I had to get my ears pierced so everyone would know I was a girl! From the time I started growing it out after has been the same. I was too afraid to ever cut it again!
But yesterday I got brave. So brave in fact my hair stylist didn't know if she could do it...which I thought was funny :) She took off about 6" in all!!!
Here are the shots from yesterday right after I got it cut:
And here is another one I took today after I did a little work to it. And I do mean little...that's all I know!
It must be something in the air because Harley got his hair cut this week too. Doesn't he look cute :)


  1. Edi, your new haircut is beautiful! I love it! And as for Harley, he is as cute as can be! In the 2nd photo he looks like he's asking "do you feel a breeze?"

  2. What gorgeous hair you have! Your photos are lovely!
    Harley, too!

  3. WOWWee Edi! Brave you are my dear...funny about your hair stylist. Looks really great. And, Harley...well what can I say, your are sooooooo cute too!

  4. looks great. don't know how I missed this post earlier :P
    I am totally stylist says she loves when I come in b/c I change it yearly - sometimes seasonally...unless I'm growing it out


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