Sunday, May 3, 2009

Treasury Thanks :)

Patti at PeacoxCreations has been so great to our EtsyBloggers team the last three weeks on getting us treasuries...I think it's about time I say thank you on my blog! She has been so kind to put me in all three treasuries...Thank You Patti!!!
Here is a screen shot of our treasury for this week:
And here are a couple of great creations in her Etsy Store:
Her Pine Needle Baskets are gorgeous and I love the ones with the Agate stones in them!
And these Apple Scrubbies are cute and economical! Just stick them in the wash and reuse them!
You should also stop by and see her at her Blog :)


  1. Such a pretty purple treasury! I'm honored to be included also! And, Patti certainly does have beautiful items in her shop!

  2. The baskets are beautiful! And she IS one treasury driven woman. Good for her!

  3. I know. She has a treasury-getting talent! I'm there, too, next to you on the right!
    YAY Patti!
    (I blogged about it also.)


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