Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Card Made Home Decor

My grandma always says my mom picks out the best cards ever. You can tell she really reads each one to find the perfect card :) I always thought the best cards were handmade cards (of course) until I received my birthday card this year! My grandma is right...my mom is the best at picking out cards!
In case you can't read it, it says:
If ever there was someone who danced to her own beat, Daughter, it's you.
This card has my name all over it! I've never been quite "normal"...LOL! And I've always done things my own way :) I loved this card so much that I wanted to frame it! I laser etched the glass in the frame with a pretty floral design, backed it with pink paper and viola...a great home decor piece for my scrapbook room :)
Thanks Mom! You know me too well :)


  1. That's so cute! And the timing is perfect, because the Hubs and I were going through a bunch of old stuff last night and found anniversary cards from our first year together. I should see how they look in a frame...

  2. That a wonderful way to display that card from your mom! I bet you smile every time you see it!

  3. I always pick humorous cards. I never thought my parents really cared one way or the other until this year when my Mom asked me to help her pick out a card. She said I had the best taste!

    And what a great idea for the card.

  4. And Mom says 'You're Welcome'. You're not different - You're always just 10 steps ahead of everyone else! And I love the etched glass and frame. Worked out beautifully. Another idea for your shop!

  5. you two are quite the team! I think it's beautiful. And what a nice reminder of mom in your room! {:-D


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