Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show Review

Yesterday's show went much better than last weekend's show!!! It wasn't my best show ever, but it was still a profitable one :) And it was just a great day in general...
*The sun was shining! The weather was nice and people were dying to get out!
*There was a nice flow of traffic ALL day! Usually lunch time slows down significantly...not so for this show!
*I got to use my new credit card machine and process two orders when I got home...and it all went very smoothly!!!
*I got to meet two fellow Etsians :)
I have to give a shout out to HandmadeBlayne and lizannnecessities! It was great to meet you both :) Liz made my day by noticing my work right away as she was walking by! And Bailie made my day by purchasing one of my pendants :) Thanks girls!
I was surprised that my scrapbooks sold much better than my lasered items! I'm glad my scrapbooks sell well, but I'm dying to sell my lasered items! I've sold picture frames at both shows, so I may get a bigger variety of those made. And I got a lot of lookers at my tiles, but no buyers. I may need to take another look at my prices? I think I'll add them to Etsy first and see if they do well there.
And I didn't care for our set-up as well this time either, but we have to deal with the space we are given. We will be doing this show in the fall and getting two booths instead of just one. The pics above are of my set-up from yesterday.
I hope others that had shows over the weekend did well also :)


  1. Look at all those great items! Glad you had a good day at the show! I see the big size word album - I really like that!

  2. I'm glad that this show went better than last week's! It's great to have a show that's just fun like that even when you don't make a ton of money.

  3. Your display looks great! I'm glad it was a successful show. :-)

  4. So glad you had a great show. I'm thinking that the spring is a great time to do shows, people are itching to get out after a long winter! :)

  5. I am glad this show was better.

    What I like about the frames is that people can put photos in them and change them out. So they get that special touch/personalization but then get to use it and it is not just sitting there like art. Does that make sense?:)

  6. I love the shelves you use :)
    Glad to hear it was a good day!

  7. So glad that you did well. It is always interesting what sells and what doesn't and it does make us re-think our prices!!!

  8. Yeah for sales! Seems like since I have known you, that you must have a pretty nest egg from selling so much of your beautiful creations. You so deserve the best, and consider this a wish for you.

    Just thinking... DD is engaged. How long can you make the name album? Don't laugh, thinking 14 spaces ... can you make them with one name above the other like:




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