Monday, April 4, 2011

Help From Handmadeology!!!

Timothy Adams at Handmadeology is doing an awesome giveaway!!! He is giving away EVERY item in the Handmadeology shop on Etsy!!!
He has so much useful information that any crafty business person can use! He has books for social networking, treasury tracking and my favorite...the Etsy Spreadsheet!!!
Hop on over to Handmadeology to see how you can win this great prize worth $105!!!


  1. I've been saving his social media blitz posts for work, since I can't view pdf files on my home computer! He is quite amazing!

  2. I will definitely have to go and check that out! Thanks for passing along! :)

  3. Tim came on the scene way back when and seemed to have risen to the top of things rather quickly. He used to publish books with etsians work and I am in one. It was a fablous idea and I know he made great money selling the books of our work to us. Of course you had to buy more than one so you could give them to family and or friends. I finally gave up with him, there was information overload and nothing helped increase my sales. His art genre and talent is amazing. Honestly, I had forgotten about him and appreciate the heads up. Off for a fresh look.


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