Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Last week I gave tips on how I make the most of my time and shared a few time-saving tips. One of the biggest things that saves me time is multi-tasking. I'm hardly ever doing one thing at a time! So today I thought I'd share some things I do to multi-task successfully. *I will send several items to my printer to be printed at once and I'll work on something else while the printer does it's job. *I also do this with my laser engraver. It has to be supervised, so I need to stay in the room. But some jobs take quite a while...so I use this time to work on other projects while it runs. *My internet can be slow sometimes and take a while for something to download. I read emails and catch up on blogs while my file loads. *We eat a lot of casseroles! Once the food is ready to go in the oven, I usually have about 30-45 min. before lunch is actually ready. I use this time to continue working on projects. (Or clean the house!) *I'm guilty of working while talking on the phone too. I need a headset so my poor neck doesn't get a cramp!
How do you multi-task? Leave a comment and share your tips with us all!


  1. Does crocheting while watching TV count? I can't stand just to sit there so I'm always doing something (usually some form of needlework) while keeping one eye on the TV! I also read blogs like you do while something is loading. Another thing that really helps is picking up something in a room I'm leaving and putting it where it belongs -- I never leave a room empty-handed!

  2. I'm ALWAYS multitasking! I clean the kitchen while I cook dinner. I watch things online while I'm answering e-mails and making jewelry. I'm rarely doing nothing :P

  3. You know, my hubby does not like the way I multi-task. I have multiple things going on at once and he would like it if i focused on one thing at a time so I would get it done faster. Silly man:)

  4. I read blogs while I'm working. :)

  5. Right now I'm thinking of a new earring and bracelet design, based on something I saw in a magazine, going to post a new blog and comment on Facebook and Tweet things.

    I still need 2 more hours in the day. Work interferes with my crafting life.

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