Monday, April 11, 2011

Lasered Update

I haven't had a lasered update in a while as I've been building up my stock for shows and Etsy. I found designs I wanted to make more of and I've been working on those lately. But over the weekend I took time to play with some new ideas and designs :)
I love how this laser cut cardstock turned out! I might try a simpler design next time as there are quite a few small pieces on this one, but I love it! I thought I would sell them as a two-page set with matching laser cut corners.
I LOVE how this white chipboard turned out! It has a white top layer with kraft colored layers underneath. Makes for a great two-tone image! I'm thinking of turning these into notebook covers or maybe even some framed art sets. I'd love to hear your ideas for these!!!
(Sorry for the poor photos! I realized after taking them that I only had one of my lights on!)
Also with chipboard, I made some coasters. I made them in both white and plain versions. These are like what restaurants typically use. I thought they'd be great to customize for parties and weddings!
And I've been working on tons of new pendants designs along with some rings! This ring is my favorite :)
What should I try next? I'd love to hear your ideas :)
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  1. The new laser cuts are cool.

    My favorites are the coasters. You could have standard w/customizations.

    Great job!

  2. The coasters are a fun idea for parties!

    And cool looking ring.

  3. I love the pink cardstock with the flowers, so many great details. And the coasters are a great idea, a perfect wedding favor! :)

  4. Your creativity is limitless Edi! Love everything you've been doing!

  5. Wow, so impressed with your talent, love everything you have done:)

  6. wow! Your new toy sounds like a lot of fun!


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