Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Features - Spring Snow

I was so excited for Spring to get here with flowers, green grass and warmer temps, but instead we got SNOW! Gotta love Iowa in the Spring! I was happy to find that other Etsians have been through the same thing and showed the beauty of Spring Snow in their shops. I have to admit that the snow did look pretty sitting on the trees :) But I'd much rather see green leaves than white powder! Enjoy these unlikely Spring items...
Crocus in Snow 8x10 Floral Print of Original Painting
Snow Blossoms Set of 4 5x5 Fine Art Prints
spring ACEO watercolor SNOW flowers
Iced Tulips
I have to add that our weather has gotten much better this week and it looks to be a gorgeous weekend :) I'm hoping that will help with the show I have this weekend! And I promise to get pictures of my booth display this time :)


  1. I guess we can put up with a little more snow when we see that spring is finally on its way!
    Beautiful collection...thanks for including me!

  2. Oh wow - so pretty! Kinda feel sorry for some of those flowers though.

  3. OMG! LOVE the snow and flowers together, awesomely beautiful. Great finds.

  4. Here in Michigan we have had snow in May. My Iced Tulip photo was taken in April.

    Great collection you have put together. Thanks for including me. jeanne

  5. Surprise! and so it goes...makes one appreciate all the days! Thanks so much for including my little watercolor.

  6. that snow blossoms set is stunning. thanks for sharing!

  7. I would never have thought to mix snow with flowers but those are all so pretty! We had a gorgeous day but tomorrow is supposed to be cold and icky.

  8. Great photos, I can't decide if the snow blossoms or the iced tulips are my favorite! We, too, had some snow yesterday morning, but it appears to be mostly gone today~ yay! :)

  9. love all your pics! Have a great show!!!

  10. Hi Edi! Yes, thank goodness for spring. Thank you so much for featuring my images! (I've been on the road for two weeks so just seeing this).

    best, Georgianna


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