Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Coral Wedding

My best friend is getting married in May!!! I am so excited to be her maid of honor :) And she asked me to make her wedding invitations too!!!
She chose a beautiful coral for her wedding and a simple and elegant design for her invitations.
The first photo is of the reception invitation. She is having a small, family-only wedding, so the second photo shows the entire set: reception invitation, wedding invitation and lodging/registry info.
I love how they turned out and it was fun making them for her :) I hope she loves them too!!!


  1. those are beautiful, how special to be part of her special day in so many ways. congratulations to her

  2. Beautiful!!! I'm sure she loves them!! Congratulation to your best friend!!

  3. I don't want to say too much here since I want to gush on my blog, but your work is incredible and of the highest quality. I know she will love these.

  4. very lovely! She's lucky to have a talented invitation maker.

  5. what an honor for her to ask you, to make them in the first place! Something she will keep for ever and ever... All the best of luck to them - May's coming up soon!


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