Thursday, April 29, 2010

With a Little Love

Last summer I finally repotted this plant my mom had given me. It was long overdue and needed a new home and a little lovin'. In less than a year, look how this plant has transformed!!!
Last May...
It actually needs repotted again! It's started to grow roots out the bottom of the pot! And I can't really take the credit...Jesse is the one that waters it :) With a little love, this plant has gone from a sad little shoot to a beautiful, healthy plant :)
Thanks Mom and Thanks Jesse :)


  1. Very nice! What kind of plant is it?

  2. Looks so pretty, perfect in the window. Good you have Jesse. My hubby could care less about potted plants, and I'm uber good at killing them!

  3. Your plant looks lovely in the window! We can't have plants like that around here since it looks like salad to Angel & Isabella!

  4. it looks wonderful. My DH takes credit for watering the indoor plants around here too!

  5. Wow - it is amazing how much a little sunshine and love (and water) can do!! Can't wait to see that plant by August!


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