Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 40th Earth Day!!!

Earth Day has been a public celebration for 40 years now! I think it's awesome that people have been environmentally friendly for so long and continue to be more and more so as the years go by! I realize that everyday should be Earth Day, but it's nice to have the reminder once in a while to make the extra effort and take the extra step to be more eco-friendly.
I try to be environmentally conscience in all aspects of my life. At home we recycle plastic, metal cans and glass. And we burn our trash rather than take it to the landfill. We also recycle our cans and bottles at the redemption center.
Along with recycling, I'm big into reusing as well. I write notes on the backs of junk mail envelopes. I reuse tubs from butter or cottage cheese to take food to work in. And I reuse plastic pop bottles for crystal lite drinks.
In my scrapbooking I find ways to use every scrap of paper I can :) Little bits of paper are great for greeting cards or other smaller projects. And I can always punch shapes out of other small scraps. I also use old magazines as protection when using a glue stick to keep my workspace clean.
I do my part at work too. We have recycling centers set up for paper, cardboard and plastic and I use these everyday in my work. I unbox parts and it is my job to decide what gets recycled and what goes to the trash. I make sure to recycle every bit that I can :)
I hope you will take time today to think of all the small ways you too can help out our environment :) Every little bit helps to make big difference!


  1. Hey there! I'm big on believing our consumption patterns are a key to helping conserve the environment. Instead of buying new things, we try to curb the buying instinct, or buy secondhand. I'm very happy to say that instead of running out to buy a new pair of jeans, I mended my jeans (and it has two holes!!). Germany is big on recycling, so it is part of our lives now.

  2. Those are all great ways to help out our environment! We do the same around here and recycle so much we only throw out one bag of trash every two weeks. Together we are all making a big difference for generations to come!

  3. I agree that everyday is Earth Day, but a reminder never hurts, and maybe it will even get others to start working toward being eco-friendly.

    You probably know a lot of what I do around here.

  4. so nice to hear we have another big recycler on the team! And I commend your work effort! I'm sure the earth thanks you too!

  5. I, too, have been saving my paper scraps. I use the decorative paper for mini books and the leftover paper trimmings for making handmade paper. Maybe one day my handmade paper will be good enough to offer as pages in my books!

  6. 40 years. Amazing. Do you know, when they held the first Earth Day, I thought to myself, "This is dumb. It'll Never catch on." Shows how much I know, and I'm sure glad I was wrong!

    We recycle everything we can, and encourage our tenants to do the same. I used to compost our food scraps, too, but I'm not good at getting the compost "cooking" so gave it up. I was afraid I was encouraging rats onto the property. ICCCKKKK!!!


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