Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Features-Aries the Ram

First off, I have to wish my grandma a Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Grandma Johnson :)
Now on to the Friday Features :)
Being born in April, that makes me the zodiac sign of the ram. I'm not sure I totally believe in horoscopes, but I definitely live up to the traits of the ram: strong-willed, independent, stubborn, impatient, out-going, etc.
So today's features all include Aries the Ram :)
Happy Birthday to all the rams out there :)
Feel free to buy any of these items for me as a belated birthday gift!


  1. Aries does sound a tad like you :) And happy Bday to grandma!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! Great finds for the rams out there! I'm not a ram by birth but I got my Masters from Colorado State Univesity and their mascot is the Ram!


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