Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy 27th!!!

I want to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend Melanie :) It's so much fun when your best friend's birthday is only 10 days after yours!!!
Last year we had a big party in our shed and this year we got together for Mexican (and ice cream)!
Melanie and I have been friends since our Freshman year of high school. We sure did know how to have a good time :) And when you get the two of us together...the blonde really comes out...LOL! Her family has become my second family. They were even generous enough to let me stay with them while I went through a little rebellious streak (okay, BIG rebellious streak!) in high school. We are so much alike it can be scary! But we love it that way :)
I can't wait to stand up with her at her wedding as her maid of honor! It really is an honor!!! I think she's a little scared about what I might say in my toast...LOL! So many good do I just choose one?!?
I hope you have an awesome birthday Mel!!!


  1. ..aawww...what a wonderful tribute to your friend Melanie! I remember your celebration last year. How great that you get to celebrate your birthdays together! And it's also wonderful to have a "second family."

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend Melanie!


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