Thursday, April 8, 2010

Journal Swap Fun

This journal was by far one of the funnest projects I've worked on in quite some time :) It was fun to get out a bunch of supplies and see what looked best where. To pair my thoughts with scrapbook supplies. To know that I was sending this on to someone who will love it :)
I took a very random approach to this journal. We were given 31 topics or projects to write about throughout the month. We were to start with #1, but from there we could write about any one we wanted. And rather than write each topic on each page, I decided to label each page with the corresponding topic number.
I used every color in the rainbow to make this journal fun and pretty :) Lots of pages had photos with them (I am a scrapbooker after all!). And each of them is a story about my life :)
As you can see above, I finally decided on a cover. It may seem backwards, but this was actually the last step in my journal. I created all of the pages, then found the paper I wanted for the cover and created it last.
Here are a few more pages I hadn't shown yet:
This journal is on its way to Texas to live with Erika...I hope she likes it :)


  1. The journal looks so beautiful and the care put into making it is obvious. Erika is going to love it!

  2. of course she'll like it! It rocks! And it is so you :)

  3. Oh, Edi, I already have tears. Thank you for all of the hard work and time that you put into the journal especially since you have been so busy at work and with orders. I know I will love it. Thank you.


  4. it's beautiful, Edi! Yes, it does sound backwards, fixing the cover last, but what a great idea! So appropriate for a friend! I know Erika will love it! {:-Deb

  5. Edi, your journal is so colorful and pretty! It is certainly a keeper. I'm sure Erika will treasure it.

  6. It looks wonderful-- I love how you put the picture of Chloe in there. I so want to do this next year, if there's another journal swap!


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