Monday, April 12, 2010

Jewelry Oranization

A while back you might remember me showing you this photo in a Wordless Wednesday post:
Many of you thought it was strings of beads for jewelry making or something similar to that. Unfortunately this was my jewelry collection!!! I've amassed such a large collection in such a small time that my current jewelry storage just couldn't keep up! I only had a small space to work with and wasn't sure how best to organize it became a huge mess...FAST!!!
I recently saw the idea to use a small coat/key rack to hang necklaces on and thought that was a nice idea. Of course my local WalMart didn't have one, so I improvised :) I found these really simple stick on hangers in the bathroom section for under $1.50!
And this bead organizer holds my earrings, rings and pendants nicely too! It was only $3 or $4!
So in a short time I went from disaster to organized...and on the cheap!
How do you organize your jewelry?


  1. Edi - your getting there - those little boxes with all the spaces are the best things for one who works with beads - or any little project. Esp when the kitty cats like to help themselves to the beads!

  2. Great idea Edi! I see a color theme with your jewelry too! :D

  3. that is Really Organized! I have the necklaces I wear on a sweet wooden coffee cup hanger... at least I think that was what it was... Mom was getting rid of it, and I snagged it. It's so cute!

  4. Good idea. I just bookmarked a jewelry organizing project I thought to try out this weekend - it's a never ending battle. And now my teenage daughter needs a place to put all her costume jewelry, too. If making my stand doesn't come out good then I'm going to try some of these hooks on my wall, too!

  5. What a great idea! I love getting organized, it's such a great feeling! I keep my jewelry in an armoire that has little compartments for rings and earrings and hooks on the doors for my necklaces.


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