Saturday, April 10, 2010

I ♥ My Teammates!!!

I know you've heard me say it 1,000 times (and probably will another 1,000 times) but I ♥ The EtsyBloggers :)
I recently had a teammate looking for some earring cards to display her earrings on. Another teammate kindly mentioned that she should contact me and I could probably make something for her.
A couple of convos later and we had a design and the sale was made :) Here are Random Creative's new earring cards:
I'm always up for making new things and trying new designs. This is why I love custom work! And who knows...this may just be something you see in my shop soon :)
A special thanks to Sharla for giving me a shout out!!!
EtsyBloggers ROCK!!!


  1. That's really cool!

    And thanks for the vote for my necklace and the encouragement for everything going on with my family!

  2. Etsy Bloggers ROCK!!!!

  3. Wowza! Once again Edi you blow me away with your creativity! Those earring cards are fabulous and so perfect for Rose with the musical notes in the background just like her item photos! I'm just in awe!

    Thanks for the shout out too!

  4. they are SO Cute! Glad you could help each other out! Etsybloggers Rock!

  5. My face has a huge smile on it!

    This team is awesome! So many friendships, bonds, support, and much more.

    Sharla & Edi, y'all are SO sweet.

  6. So nice. It IS great to have a network of people on the internet and these groups do make it fun.

  7. those rock!!! Perfect for her stuff too :)

  8. Thank you so much for blogging about this, Edi! I really appreciate you putting together this custom design for me. I got them in the mail today, and they are awesome. :) I can't wait to try them out with my jewelry! Thanks again!

  9. I am glad you showed us the cards--the came out great! something else you can add to your shop:)

  10. Edi, those are GREAT. Musical me, I love them!

  11. Those cards are just, simply said, AWESOME!!!


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