Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Trim

For some the signs of spring may include green grass, flowers blooming, birds chirping, etc. For us...the true sign of spring is Harley's first trim :) For the last couple of years we have been getting him trimmed (and shaved in the summer) and he is sooooo happy that we do :) His hair get so long...and so matted! He loves to be outside and in the warmer months it can be terrible with all that hair!
Excuse the poor photo...he wouldn't stick around long enough for a good shot! (Daddy was eating breakfast!) But here is our sign of spring:
I hope Spring has found all of my wonderful readers :)


  1. Harley looks so cute with his new Spring trim!

  2. nice 'do Harley! Looks very soft & poofy...without the length :)

  3. He's such a precious little boy! Hope he got to share some of Daddy's breakfast! Who could resist that face?

  4. That's really cute! And a different way of welcoming spring :)

  5. He is so adorable! And apparently we have the same first sign of spring! :) My little Shih Tzu dog has to be shaved or he'll be matted up in no time! In fact, that's coming up this week! :)


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