Sunday, April 18, 2010

Silver Elegance

And the winnings keep rolling in!!! Yup...I won another blog giveaway!!!
This time the giveaway was hosted at JOT Giveaways with Beads Story providing the awesome prize! I was able to choose my favorite item from her shop and I chose this lovely Elegance Necklace in Silver!
I love that it can be worn with so many things! The color and design make it great for the day or a night on the town!
Choosing just one item was super hard! Stop by Beads Story and you'll know what I mean! Her designs are absolutely beautiful!
Thanks Anca for the lovely necklace :)


  1. Congratulations on another win! That necklace is so beautiful and I can see why you chose it even though it's not pink or blue!

  2. Nice! I should start entering give aways again...

  3. Congratulation Edi!!! That necklace is so gorgeous!!!


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