Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to be a Winner :)

Since I've been showing off all my recent winnings lately, I've had lots of questions about how I find and enter so many great giveaways.
One awesome blog I've found is Etsy Giveaways. My favorite thing about this site is that it gives you a preview photo of what you could win. Some sites just give a description and make you do lots of clicking around to actually get to the giveaway. Etsy Giveaways gives you the description with a photo so you can decide if you want to enter.
I also like that it tells you who is eligible to win. Some giveaways are US only while others are worldwide. Knowing in advance whether you are eligible saves you time.
Two other sites that have daily giveaways are My Giveaway Today and Fabulous Fun Finds. These sites always offer awesome prizes!!! The only downfall is that LOTS of people enter them, so you are less likely to win. But with such cool items, it's hard not to enter anyway!
My biggest tip for entering giveaways...make sure it is something you really love. There are SO many giveaways out there and you could spend hours entering them all. I make sure to limit my entries to only the ones I love. That's how I get such fab items :)


  1. Wow. This is so cool! I have to say, the thought had crossed my mind, "She won something?! How does she DO that?", lol.

    I'm going to be visiting those sites, for sure, especially Etsy Giveaways.

    And I'll add one:
    They have a giveaway every Friday; to enter you just leave a comment and answer the question of the day. The blog is fairly new, so your chances of winning are good!

  2. thanks for giving us your tips. I remember both entering and giving away at Etsy Giveaways. Just don't take the time to go over and look anymore. Need to do that - I could always offer some destash items there!

  3. Great tips Edi! I'm not very lucky at winning things but I'm going to check them out anyway!

  4. another good one:

    It can be so easy to get sucked in to entering tons...I had a few bouts of "overentryitis" I make sure to only do those I really really want too :)

  5. Good post, I tweeted it. (

  6. You are the give-a-way winner Queen! x0


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