Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back from the fair

Well...we survived the fair :) We got home this afternoon and had to do some relaxing! The fair can sure wear you out!
Jesse took a nap with Harley and I took a long, hot bath and shower! Of course after that, we had so much to do to catch up! I think I've already done 6 loads of laundry, checked and caught up with all three email accounts, plurk, about 100 blogs and my EtsyBloggers team! I've also got all of our other stuff put away and the house cleaned up from carrying everything inside! Whew...I need another break now!
I'll have photos up tomorrow of our great time at the fair. Until then, I'll leave you with these pics of our relaxing day :)
I don't think Harley gets much sleep at the kennel!


  1. Aww - those pics of Harley are so cute! And kudos for catching up :D

  2. There's always so much to do when coming home from a trip but at least you had a good time so it was worth it. Harley looks pretty pooped from his stay in the kennel!

  3. I'm exhausted just from reading ... where do you find the energy? Do they sell it?

    Harley looks like he's kissing the ground in happiness to be home with Mommy and Daddy!

  4. Harley looks so cozy - very glad to be back home I'm sure :)

  5. Tulip's comment make me laugh. I was thinking...she relaxes by doing laundry and computer work!


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