Saturday, August 8, 2009

When in doubt...Stick with Neutrals

Neutrals are good for lots of, decorating, and even scrapbooking :) They are especially a good idea when it comes to babies!
Many expecting parents want the gender of their baby to remain a surprise. So what do you buy for them if you don't know whether to buy pink or blue? stick with neutrals :)
Here is my latest baby album I made for a friend to give at a shower. She wanted a special and unique gift, but wasn't finding anything but pinks and blues! That is how the Neutral Baby's First Year Calendar Scrapbook Photo Album was born!
This album has all the same cute details and embellishments as my Baby Boy and Baby Girl Albums...just in neutral colors :) It would make the perfect shower gift for those parents waiting to discover the gender of their baby!
And as soon as I get to make lots of fun new albums with my Bind-It-All...I'll be adding these little cuties to my Etsy Shop!


  1. Lovely Album.. I love the colors, it make me feel soft and clean.. like new born baby..

  2. Great idea. When we were expecting our first baby, I refused to find out the gender. Although I just 'knew' that the baby was a girl I really did not know until she came out with all her spunk! Anyway, sorry I got off on a tangent, we did the whole neutral colors with greens just to be on the safe side.

  3. great idea! And who doesn't like green?!

  4. Yellows also work well :)

    Funny thing? The baby blanket I'm crocheting is in greens :D

  5. Now that is one great baby album...the next time I need a shower gift, I'll know where to go!!!

  6. What a great baby album and I like the green even if it's known if it's a boy or girl!

  7. How cute! I really like the neutral. We didn't find out the gender with any of our three until they were born.


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