Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Changes in My Shop

After numerous trips to the post office to find out my packages were over the 1 pound weight category, I finally did something about it!
You will now find a new listing in my shop :) Additional Letters for Custom Albums. My Custom Albums are now Up To 6 Letters. And you can add 3 more letters for only $2. This will fix two issues for me: 1)It takes more time and costs more money to make longer words. 2)Shipping is always more on longer names/words. With my new listing, both of these problems will be fixed :)
Another reason I wanted to make this change is that the USPS raised their prices back in January and I didn't raise mine at the time. I was tired of having to pay the extra out of my profits! So I've adjusted my shipping prices and added this new listing to fix that.
I would love to hear what you think of my change. I want to make sure that my listings are clear and that people won't be confused when they read them. If you would...go to my Custom Albums Section in my shop and let me know what you think :) Your opinions are important to me!


  1. Thanks for your vote, I really appreciate... thanks


  2. Edi, I think the listings look great. I finally updated my shipping as well. I wish the price hikes will slow down...

  3. Edi, it's great idea to do like this.. reasonable and fare for both of you and your customer.. :D

  4. So for $2 I can get one more letter or 3 more letters?
    Is 9 the total possible number of letters one can have in a custom album?
    I believe I know what you mean, but I still think it could be clearer.
    Your albums are great and the additional listings for letters makes sense to me.

  5. worded well for me - it'd be great if you could get an opinion from someone who's 1st language is something other than English...but up to 3 more letter for $2.00 - sounds clear to me :)

    maybe note if 9 is the max


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