Sunday, August 9, 2009

NEW Simply Stunning Series

Ever since I got my new Bind-It-All...I've had ideas rushing through my head as to what I can do with it! I have so many fun things I want to try :)
The first type of album I decided to make is something more for the non-scrapbooker. Someone who wanted a stylish way to display their photos, but not necessarily in a scrapbook. And I made it super easy corners included...and they are all fit for 4"x6" photos. No trimming, no gluing...just a cool way to show off your photos!!!
Here are the first 4 albums in the series:
I have so many others I want to make in this series! I may go on to some of my other ideas and come back to this series so I can get them out of my head and into the works :)
And I just have to show you these cute little Vacation Albums I made recently too :)
The covers started out as passport covers and I turned them into one-of-a-kind scrapbooks :) The red one is more travel/vacation themed and the blue one is beach/vacation themed! It feels so good getting new items in my shop! I love to do custom work, but I also like new projects :) A good mix is always nice!
Wanna win a Pink Vacation Album like the blue one above? See this post to find out how!


  1. Edi, those are all fabulous! I love the pet one of course! You are just so creative!

  2. that's a great idea with the passport covers! Very injeneous (darn, how do you spell that?) Never mind - it's too cute. Looks like leather, actually! {:-D

  3. You're so talent and creative!! I love your new product lines.. The passport cover style is sooo cute... The simply stunning series are so classic.. can't decide...


  4. Great Job, I can see how much heart you put into your craft. So beautiful to see.
    And Congratulations on winning etsy featured blogger of the month!!!

  5. Those look great! I knew we'd be seeing some cool stuff from your new toy soon...this was way soon!

  6. Great new additions to your scrapbooking. Love the "family time" and the vacation scrapbook are perfect for anyone just returning from their summer vacation!


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