Monday, August 3, 2009

Just the Two of Us...You and I

Was it an overly eventful weekend? No. One filled with parties and lots of friends? No. But it was one great weekend...just the two of us :) Jesse took Friday off work, so we had a great 3 day weekend! During the days we pretty much did our own things around the house and ran some errands. But at night we would meet back up and enjoy some much needed relaxation. We drank a few beers in the shed or out by a bon fire and watched movies til we fell asleep :) Friday Jesse even took me out for supper at one of my favorite local restaurants :) They have the best beer cheese soup! Yesterday was the best day! We took the air boat out on the river...just the two of us :) It was so nice to be out in the sun, enjoying the day with the one I love :) We got to talk, I got to fish (but didn't catch anything). And we got to just be together! We have a pretty busy month of August ahead of us, so this weekend was the perfect way to start out the month! I woke up this morning so refreshed and ready to take on the week! Thanks for the great weekend Jesse :)


  1. Your three day weekend with Jesse sounds perfect! Hoping you can sneak in some time for just the two of you during your busy August too!

  2. Those restful weekends are so important. God for you!

  3. Awesome awesome!!

  4. There's nothing better than a "perfect" fit in your marriage! My hubby and I love to be together! In fact, instead of having a 'song' we have a 'word': It's "together"!

  5. what a wonderful weekend! Sounds like it was relaxing and fulfilling!


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