Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Roof-Part 1

We FINALLY got started on our new roof!!! We had hail damage back in March and things have been so drawn out! I'm so glad we're finally getting started!
I took a before photo of the house so I could remember what it looked like before all the changes. The roof is actually just one step of our house upgrades. We are putting on a metal roof in charcoal gray. Then we are putting in all new windows and new siding in light gray. It will be so nice once it's done :)
Here's just the start to all the work yet to come. I want to take pictures every step of the way and make a mini album once it's all done! Can't wait to get started on that :)
We've run into a little trouble already though! I set some things on the couch the other day and wondered why the couch was wet. Then I remembered that they had to cut out a dormer on the roof and it had rained that night! The cut hadn't been sealed up properly, so the rain made it all the way through the house into the living room! Not what we were looking forward to! So that's why there's a tarp on the roof in the photo. I'm hoping for no more surprises...but I think I'm hoping for a lot there!
I'll post more photos as we get more done. And of course you'll see it when it's all finished :)


  1. Rain in the house is not good but it sounds like it's all going to be worth it. Your house is very cute and I bet it's going to look great with the new roof and siding. Are you going to paint the door? A red door would look awesome with the gray! Little Harley is so cute in the bottom photo!

  2. OMG, Sharla, it would take you to see little Harley in that picture. :P My eyes are worse than I thought. Edi, you house will be your home when all done and it will be wonderful.
    Anne ^i^

  3. Yuck. Hopefully it will all come together nicely and with no more rain in the house.

  4. very exciting to have work done on your house. The process can be unnerving, though. Of course I wish you smoothness, and hopefully, any surprises will be good ones!

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