Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Produce Swap

My tomatoes have finally started to turn red...and now I've got 100s of them! There is no way we will ever eat them all and I didn't want them to go to waste, so we decided to do a swap! Jesse's mom had tons of green beans and we had tons of tomatoes, so we just traded :) We also gave some to Jesse's brother and will be taking another bag full to the fair when we leave tomorrow! Everyone loves home-grown produce...so why not share the love, right :)
Here's the bag ready to go with us tomorrow. Actually, I still have another picking to add to it before we leave.
And here's the bag of beans we got from Jesse's mom! There were more when we first got them, but we've been eating tons of them :)
And check out my Topsy-Turvy Tomato Plant! Three nice sized tomatoes just waiting to turn red and be eaten! I just can't believe this thing has survived and is actually producing! Yay!
So if you're looking for some fresh produce, look no further than your neighbor's garden and see if you can do some trading :)


  1. Have fun with the fair tomorrow!! Tomatoes and Green beans look Yummy!!! make me hungry too.. :)

  2. Trading's the best! I love home grown tomatoes. My plants are producing some, but not a lot. A friend gave me lots of tomatoes yesterday. I think I will make gazpacho and freeze some.
    Enjoy the fair!
    PS Recipe books are a great idea!

  3. Great crop! Sadly, I have nothing to trade this year, but next year maybe I'll peek in my neighbors' backyards... ;)

  4. Trading sounds like a great idea to spread the bounty! Your tomatoes look wonderful - how many plants do you have to produce all those tomatoes?

  5. Hi there, just stopping by to say hi to EtsyBloggers Featured Blog of the month. This is my first month with this team so am pretty excited about all the various activities I'll be able to participate in.

  6. good idea for a swap. People do that at the museum all the time... bring in veges!

  7. Mmm.. nothing better than homegrown fresh veggies!
    Our 2nd batch of tomatoes is juts starting to redden! ;)


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