Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been featured!!!

Okay, so I know I'm the featured EtsyBlogger, so I'm going to get featured right :) But I've actually been featured by some non-team members lately too!!! I thought it would be nice to feature all of the wonderful bloggers out there who have feature me :) I know this list isn't complete and I've missed some out there. I apologize for that. I got all the blogs from our team proboard and did a google search. If I missed your link...please add it in the comments for everyone to see :) Thanks to everyone who's featured me so far :) I think I'll post another list at the end of the month to say thank you again :)


  1. You are quite welcome! It was a pleasure!

  2. mine went up today! It's so much fun to get the chance to write about friends! {:-D

  3. Wonderful features and you deserve them all!

  4. It was great to get to know you through blogging about you!


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