Friday, August 7, 2009

I ♥ New Toys...I mean Tools :)

One of the things I love most about scrapbooking is that the "tools" made for the craft end up being like "toys" to me. I just love to play with all of them. They serve the purpose of tools, but I get the joy of playing with a toy from them :)
Wanna see my newest toy? It's a Bind-It-All from Zutter Innovative Products!!! And it's even pink...isn't it cute!
The bind it all is a machine that punches holes for the purpose of making scrapbooks, journals, notebooks, etc. It has several guides on it to keep everything aligned and even has a special setting for inside pages so they are just a touch smaller to fit inside the covers. They make special metal rings called OWires that you slide through the holes and then the machine clamps them down to create perfect binding every time! And it punches through more than just paper! It will cut heavy chipboard, thin metal, acrylic, and just about any material under 1/8" thick!!!
And I know you wanna see my first creation with my new toy...don't ya :) This is a custom creation for a photographer. Mandi at Rock~n~Royalty Photography wanted something unique to put her proofs in when she handed them out to clients. And this is what I came up with...
I just love how it turned out! And Sharla at Beaded Tail gave me the great idea to make these in several different themes. Not everyone wants a scrapbook-style album, but they still want something unique and special to put their photos in. I think I will make more of these in Family, Friends, Pets, etc. with light embellishments and photo corners ready for your photos! Thanks for the great idea Sharla!!!
What's your favorite crafty tool?


  1. awesome! that is going to be used lots!!!

  2. I bet your going to get a ton of use out of that - and it's so cute!

  3. Cute tool!! I like to buy tools for my crafts too.. sometimes I rarely used it but it's so cute so I have to have one.. hahah

    I like this item Edi, and I think you can make a blank note book the same theme of this album.. some people like me.. like stationary with the same theme.. so you will have a photo album for works and a note book for notes..

  4. It's only a great tool if someone knows how to do something great with it and you certainly do! Your new album is fantastic and I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Especially the pets one! :D

  5. I love the book. It's really cute! I need to get me one of those 'toys' :)

  6. that's an awesome toy... ah, I mean tool!

  7. Yes! This is a wonderful tool for you! My favorite tool, I guess, is my sewing machine!

  8. It IS JUST Beautiful!@@!
    You are going to have SO much fun! I don't think you'll need a job - this machine, and you're other scrapbooks are so great, you can surely make a living, doing this! Have fun... I mean, Go To Work! lol {:-Deb

  9. What a fantastic new toy, and the first album is absolutely striking...I love black and white! I guess my favorite "tool/toy" is the old fashioned crochet hook, but an old clip on clothes pin works great on the baskets!

  10. You are so creative, it shows in all of your, work!

  11. Love the new tool and your new album.


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