Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Jesse and I had a lot of fun at the Iowa State Fair this past week :) I wanted to share with you some of our fun photos!
This is the butter cow. It's an ISF tradition. It is a cow entirely carved out of butter! There was also an astronaut, a TV, and some other small items carved out of butter as well.
I saw all these gorgeous beads and had to take a picture for all of my beady friends :)
The architecture of some of the buildings is really cool on the fair grounds. I thought this building was neat with all the glass.
Another great thing about the fair is all of the free entertainment! There are free concerts every night at several locations throughout the fair grounds. This band is Hairball and played all the great 80s hair band songs :)
And here we are almost to the front row!!!
And the best part of the whole fair...I was asked to be a vendor next year! I have to be there the entire 11 days, but how awesome would that be...11 days of selling scrapbooks! WooHoo :)


  1. Thats is so exciting Congrats.Our Kentucky state fair started the 20 and goes on to the 30th.It looks like you had fun!!!

  2. wow- that is an awesome opportunity - you better get scrappin' :P

  3. You look like you had a great time at the fair! Congratulations on being asked to be a vendor next year!

  4. I love how happy you look, Edi. Your photos are very fun! I have heard of the butter calf. I have a few friends who grew up in Iowa. Congratulations on being asked to be a vendor next year. You will have to make about a gazillion scrapbooks!

  5. You do look like you were having a great time! Never heard of the butter calf, thats different.

    And what SLS said...better get to work on those gazillion scrapbooks!


  6. I want some of those beads! LOL That butter cow is awesome - and I'm so excited for you that you got asked to be a vendor next year!


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