Monday, June 1, 2009

And the Winner is...

Valerie...commenter #3 is the winner of my May Giveaway! Congrats Valerie :) Now for the not so great news. I have decided not to do another giveaway for the month of June. I haven't been getting as many comments/entries as I would have liked. For instance, for May I received 10 comments...only 4 of which were eligible for the contest. I may do another contest later on, but for now, there won't be one for June. I do want to thank all of you who have entered my contests in the past and hope you will continue to stop by my blog :)


  1. I sent you an email
    Yeah, it can be hard to get people to visit a blog, and even more, leave a comment!
    Hope things get better :)

  2. Have seen the contest drops often. So many contests to draw traffic, I do not even enter any of them anymore.

    Almost all of the comments on my blog now come from etsyBloggers. Seems out of sight at BHR, out of mind! Others, I think commented because I was a radio host.

    Everything happens for a they say.


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