Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two More Furbabies :)

We decided to move Bridgette outside last week. That was sort of the plan from the start, but I wanted to see what having a cat in the house would be like. I think I'm more of an indoor dog person :) We took her down to the shed and gave her a safe place to be. Our shed is all enclosed and nothing can get her that way. The only problem...she was lonely and bored! So Saturday while we were in Neb. City, they were giving away free kittens :) Two more furbabies came home with us :)

Look at this face! I don't think we've had a kitty with blue eyes yet...so he's by far my fave :) Still working on names for the little guys.

And here's new cutie #2 :) Feisty and fun! He and Bridgette get along really well :)

Bridgette is loving having new brothers :) Here she is in attack mode getting ready to pounce! We did run into a little problem though...our neighbor thinks Bridgette is a boy! How are we going to make that name work for a boy! I still think she looks like a girl, but I've been wrong before. It is so hard to tell with kittens! I feel really stupid saying that! Aren't they just adorable! Cutie #1 even got to meet Harley. I was going to let them play outside for a little while so they could get some sunlight, but this little guy kept crying when I would go back to the house and follow me up the yard. He got all the way up the hill and met Harley head on. Harley just wanted to sniff him, but kitty didn't want anything to do with him! They'll all be friends before they know it :) I'll keep you posted on Bridgette's "status"...lol!


  1. How fun! They ARE so cute! Your pictures are wonderful. (And it really is very difficult to tell with kittens.) Please do keep us updated on their antics.

  2. they are absolutely adorable...and that last picture ...cracks me up! so funny...you'll be taking pics of them snuggling together before you know it ;)

  3. Oh I want a kitten so bad! They are just the most adorable creatures ever! Love the blue eyes too and the one meeting Harley is precious!

  4. Exactly what Beaded said!

    I love them all over the house. Maybe with having company for each other, they may not be so bad in the house?

    If Bridgette is a boy, how about Bridge for "his" name. Fiesty is another good name for one. How about Frankie for the blue eyes (Frank Sinatra)?


  5. I can see why you couldn't resist bringing them home. They are adorable. I love Frankie for the blue-eyed one.


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